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Everyone Deserves To Live In Peace: Join @whatstrending and #stopbullying

0 Comments 27 October 2011

Everyone Deserves To Live In Peace: Join @whatstrending and #stopbullying

More often than not the general public turns a blind eye to bullying, that is until a child is hurt, commits suicide or takes the life of their tormentor. It is typically only when one of these extreme scenarios unfolds that the mainstream media sheds light on the subject. This is usually followed by a nation wide outcry for change, parents come forward and the experts show up on CNN to give their sage advice.

All of this is great at the time, but what is sorely needed is a proactive stance on bullying of all kind. Whether it be on the school ground or in your workplace. Everyone has the right to feel safe in day to day life, unhampered by the hits, glares and stares of a bully.

It is in this spirit of active engagement that Shira Lazar and the fine folks at What’sTrending have joined forces with MTV’s ‘A Thin Line Campaign,’ The Trevor Project, The Kind Campaign, and GLSEN  to develop  “real-world actions to #stopbullying.”

As a part of National Bullying Prevention Month  What’s Trending will be tackling the issue of cyber bullying.  The live conversation can be viewed online today 3 PM PST October 27 th, 2011 via Livestream and Ustream.

You can show your support for the #stopbullying campaign via social media  in several ways.
  • Follow the #stopbullying hashtag on Twitter
  • Tuning in to the Livestream or Ustream broadcast
  • Taking a photo of yourself holding a stop bullying sign and post it to Twitter and Facebook.


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