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What Is The ROI Of Social Media? – Inc 500 Speech via @GaryVee

3 Comments 09 November 2011

What Is The ROI Of Social Media? – Inc 500 Speech via @GaryVee

What is the ROI of social media?

It isn’t often that one gets  the opportunity to be at the forefront of a new industry. Imagine being able to take part in a major paradigm shift that changes the face of business forever. I liken being an early adopter to social media similar to being an early investor in the first railroad systems  or commercial aviation. The pioneers in those fields built their fortunes by having a vision of the future and knowing what the consumer and nation as a whole needed, even before they did.

The internet and namely social media will serve as the conduit for creating the next wave of successful entrepreneurs. Never before has it be so cost effective for anyone to publish their own content and monetize it without the need for a middle man. We are now “in the dawn of one on one marketing”, all that remains is the leap of faith needed on the part of brands to enter this brave new world.

At the October 2011, Inc. 500 Conference in Washington, D.C. guest speaker Gary Vaynerchuk gave a passionate speech on why brands need to embrace the new business models proved via social media. Despite brand managers skepticism of the effectiveness of social marketing, Gary Vee makes a compelling argument as to why building a long term relationship with your customers is the surest route to achieving the much vaunted ROI of social media.

 Every debate of the ROI of social right now, is the same conversation we had about e-commerce.

*This video contains strong language*

Are you ready for this paradigm shift in web engagement?

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  • http://www.brucesallan.com Bruce Sallan

    For me, the ROI on Social Media is absolutely incalculable in the positive impact its had on my life and my ability to impact others!

    • http://komverse.com/ KevinMinott

      Likewise Bruce,

      I’ve made friends as far away as the Netherlands and had the opportunity to hang out with them in Chicago. These type of connections weren’t posible before social media.

      It’s about time brands learned to build those type of relationships with their fans.

  • Empiresteals

    This is one of the best videos I have watched!
    Gary, you  are amazing like the energizer bunny.


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