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Social Media Week Chicago: How Higher Education Institutions Use Social Media #SMWCOLLEGE

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Social Media Week Chicago: How Higher Education Institutions Use Social Media #SMWCOLLEGE

Each year incoming freshmen at higher learning institutions across the country are guided through their first week of college orientation. At which point they are introduced to the layout of the campus and take part in team building exercises. The goal is to aid them in building friendships thus easing the transition to a new environment. Another aspect of their new college identity will be their email address, an ‘.edu’ allowing faculty and administrators to reach them at anytime. At least that is the hope.

Increasingly it is becoming clear that college communications can no longer depend on email as a means of communicating to its student body. Today’s young scholars have a myriad of digital devices, apps and social networks that occupy their time. The last thing in the world they want is to be tied down to checking email. After all, this is the text messaging, Twitter generation. They expect all things in real time.

This raises the issue of how to recruit, engage and teach students in a manner relative to their current way of life. The answer to this dilemma is social media. If the students will not come to you, then you must go to them.

Join me September 25, 2012 as I lead a discussion delving into this subject for Social Media Week Chicago.

How Educational Institutions Can Use Social Media, Photography and Video to Build a Strong Online Community for their Students, Faculty and Alumni


Harold Washington College

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

2:00- 3:30 PM

30 E. Lake Street
Room: 1115
Chicago, IL  60601


Kevin Minott
Online Media Specialist at City Colleges of Chicago

Kevin is the district wide Online Media Specialist for City Colleges of Chicago. He is the community manager for content creation and curation across all CCC social network properties. Kevin also serves as lead web author for content posted across their 7 community college websites.


Dr. David Marshall
Vice President for Academic Affairs at Olive-Harvey College

Dr. David Marshall is the Vice President for Academic Affairs at Olive-Harvey College, One of the City Colleges of Chicago. Marshall earned a Ph.D. in Mass Media and Communication and a Master of Journalism from Temple University. He has over 15 years of experience in higher education and worked for 20 years as a television news anchor, reporter and producer in multiple media markets.

Ellen Goldberg 
Director of the Transfer Center at Harold Washington College

Ellen Goldberg is the Director of the Transfer Center at Harold Washington College. Her goal in her work is to help students transfer to their dream schools. She is from St. Louis, Missouri and went to pursue her undergraduate degree at Indiana University Bloomington. She has two Masters Degrees in Spanish Literature and Higher Education.

Rishab  Malhotra
Associate Director of International Partnerships at Illinois Institute of Technology

For the past four years, Rishab has served as Assistant Director of UG admission and in September 2011, assumed a new role as Associate Director of International Partnerships for the office of Student Access, Success and Diversity Initiatives. Rishab received his Master of Public Administration from the Graduate Stuart School of Business, Illinois Institute of Technology, and earlier studied Marketing and International Business at Valparaiso University in Indiana.

Christina Noonan
Architecture Student at Illinois Institute of Technology

Christina Noonan is a 5th year undergraduate architecture student at the Illinois Institute of Technology interested in design, photography, and sustainable practices. Christina is very involved in connecting people and spreading information at her university, and is involved in publicity and communications for numerous organizations including the Office of Campus Energy and Sustainability and the largest student organization at the school, Union Board. She came up with the idea of the school’s extremely successful Facebook page for admitted students when she was a new student herself, envisioning a community to share information and support one another during and following their time at the school.

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